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Pierre-Louis Gottfrois

Hi, I am Pierre Louis Gottfrois, a student at Epitech working on Ruby on Rails, Software, Network Architecture and more. I have 4+ years experience of working on many projects with various groups. For more information don't hesitate to contact, or leave me a message on Twitter.

Pierre Louis Gottfrois is a student at Epitech working on Ruby On Rails, Software, Network Architecture and more. Pierre Louis Gottfrois is an enthousiat web application developer who likes to learn new technologies and design patterns. Using Ruby On Rails on most project, Pierre Louis Gottfrois is a great developer recommanded by many innovative startups who loved working with him.

Pierre-Louis Gottfrois's Background

Pierre-Louis Gottfrois's Experience

Ruby On Rails Intern at Azendoo

June 2011 - December 2011 | Bordeaux, France

Using Ruby On Rails and Web 2.0 technologies (MongoDB, Redis, Resque, Less, ...), I must develop and ensure the stability of an innovative web platform based around a collaborative mechanism, web 2.0, social networking and telecom technologies.

Animator Epitech Region at Epitech

November 2008 - May 2011 | Bordeaux, France

Selected by the school for 3 years, I am in charge of the technical equipment of the school and the assistance to students. A general application of technologies, great autonomy and real adaptability are required. The main qualities developed are : ● Training in educational methods ● Technical

Software Developer Intern at Wopata

January 2009 - May 2009 | Bordeaux, France

Developing an application for Mac OS X. Language used : Objective-C with the introduction of design pattern. Integration with the existing Web application. Using REST methods. ● Objective-C and Agile methods : Development in constant progress, development of innovative techniques ● Studies and regular monitoring of customer needs ● Good concept of development on iPhone and Mac

Studying Computer Science at UC San Diego

January 2012 - Present | San Diego, CA

During 6 months, I will be studying computer science to one of the greatest university in the world. Learning from very reputable professor and working with american students.

Pierre-Louis Gottfrois's Education

EPITECH - European Institute of Technology

2008 – 2013


Activities: Computer Science, Software, Web development, Network, Computer Security

Pierre-Louis Gottfrois's Interests & Activities

Computer Science, Ruby, Rails, Functional Programming, Web, Social Network, Computer Security, MongoDB, Motobike, Photography, Swimming, Mac, iPhone, iPad

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